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The Survivor would be the same size as the current North American ambulance, however it would to be a little more aerodynamic on the front, and it would be electric. It would be powered by four powerful inwheel electric motors, which means that you wouldn’t have a big bulky engine in the front, but you could use the space for batteries. - See more at: http://www.charlesbombardier.com/2014/08/surviver/#sthash.jAjB8gYg.dpuf



I’ve asked a ER Staff over the past few months on how ambulances could be improved. One key problem is the suspension system of current models, which shakes around the patient and the staff in the back quite a bit. The second problem is the noise coming from the siren, which makes it difficult to communicate with the driver and the hospital. Based on working to solve these key problems, I started working to figure out how we could design a new line of ambulances. These early sketches were created to start the discussion on the subject. - See more at: http://www.charlesbombardier.com/2014/08/surviver/#sthash.jAjB8gYg.dpuf


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